A Conversation with the Sheppard

The Valley Sound had the honour and privilege of speaking over the phone with legendary country artist, TG Sheppard. He is one of the most well-known country stars around the world, and has worked alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Oak Ridge Boys, Willy Nelson, William Lee Golden and...

P.O.P.’s Got Sol!

Sol is a skull. He performs alongside the artist, Patterns of Perfection (P.O.P.), and speaks using an artificial intelligence computer program. You can ask him questions, or even have an in depth conversation. You never know what he’s going to say! Find more about POP’s partner-in-crime by following the image...

One-on-One with Richard Sterban

The Valley Sound had the privilege to speak with legendary, Richard Sterban, from The Oak Ridge Boys earlier this week via telephone. [EXCERPT] Do you have any advice for fellow musicians trying to make it in the music world? Richard: First of all. This is one of the most competitive businesses...

A Valley of Sound

The Valley Sound now has its own dedicated website hosted by World Records®! To visit this website, follow the image below.

Happy New Year!

~2016~ The new year is upon us and we are getting prepared for another great one! To everyone who has helped us get this far, we could not have done it without you! Thank You!!!

Wink’s Silver Strikes Christmas Hip-Hop Show

Tiz the season! Come out for a night on the town and see some great live local talent inside the bar & lounge of Wink’s Silver Strike Lanes! Artists include MG3, JPoetik, Nephew, High Revelation, and Patterns of Perfection (P.O.P.)! There will be a full bar, couches, candy canes, pool tables,...

…and then there was The Big POP!

The Big POP has been released! You can purchase the album through P.O.P.’s online store, or from most every other online music retailer! Stay tuned! P.O.P.’s next project is already underway..

Pappa’s Back

Patterns of Perfection (P.O.P.)® has released his 2nd album! A cutting-edge record, Pappa’s Back blends the old and new of hip-hop/rap in the finest way. You can purchase the album through the World Records® online store, or through Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, spotify and more! Click the album cover below to read...

Trademarked & Ready to Rock!

World Records® is now fully registered & ready to rock! We look forward anything and everything that is to come for our team! If you have any questions or would like to possibly work with World Records®, send a message through our contact form.

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