P.O.P.’s Got Sol!

Sol is a skull. He performs alongside the artist, POP, and speaks using a computer program! You can ask him questions, and even have an in depth conversations with him during his shows!

It’s the End of the World!

As We Know It EP by P.O.P.® has been released! It is now available on his online music store!

A Conversation with the Sheppard

World Records® had the honor and privilege of speaking over the phone with legendary artist, TG Sheppard. He has worked alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Oak Ridge Boys, Willy Nelson, William Lee Golden and countless others. With 21 number one hits, T.G. Sheppard is arguably the one of...

One-on-One with Richard Sterban

World Records® had the privilege to speak with legendary, Richard Sterban, from The Oak Ridge Boys earlier this week via telephone. [EXCERPT] Do you have any advice for fellow musicians trying to make it in the music world? Richard: First of all. This is one of the most competitive businesses that...

Wink’s Silver Strikes Christmas Hip-Hop Show

Tiz the season! Come out for a night on the town and see some great live local talent inside the bar & lounge of Wink’s Silver Strike Lanes! Artists include MG3, JPoetik, Nephew, High Revelation, and P.O.P.! There will be a full bar, couches, candy canes, pool tables, freestyle sessions and...

…and then there was The Big POP!

The Big POP has been released! You can now listen to and purchase the album through his online store!

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