One-on-One with Richard Sterban


World Records® had the privilege to speak with legendary, Richard Sterban, from The Oak Ridge Boys earlier this week via telephone.


Do you have any advice for fellow musicians trying to make it in the music world?

Richard: First of all. This is one of the most competitive businesses that there is. A lot of businesses are competitive, but the music business especially is. You’ve got people here in Nashville walking the streets trying to find record deals and all, and it will probably not happen for a lot of them. The best advice that I can give a young person, is first of all decide what it is that you want to do. If this is what you want to do – you’ve got to make that decision – once you make that decision, then you got to work on your craft. You have got to try to become the best singer, or the best guitar player, or whatever there is to be, and every chance that you get, you got to perform you music, because you never know who’s going to be listening… Read More

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