We must take a few steps back to explain. Excuse me if I skip. I like to do this.

This world is much like your own. There are birds. There are bees. Cats and dogs. Children and adults. Mountains, valleys, oceans and streams of H20. Areas have been burned from fire and the air is made up of Oxygen and Nitrogen. The planet is roughly 17,000 miles wide, and life here is abundant.

Time is counted the same with sixty minutes per hour, and sixty seconds per minute, yet there is one major difference that separates this planet from your own.

It was roughly one million years ago. Monkey-like animals sat atop a cliff, grazing in a field of tall grass while over looking a vast ocean horizon. The sun was setting behind the distant waters, and the last of the warm winds slowly blew past their long hairs. Stars were beginning to appear, and the ocean was giving it’s final waves of the day.

One of the females in the group was enjoying a fresh patch of new grass, when she decided to gaze toward the sky. She looked up just in time to see a faint and distant flashing light. It went on. Then off. On. Off. It would last for 3 seconds, then be gone for 3 seconds. Again it went. On. Off. On Off. It grew brighter with every flash, and others began to notice. Animals from around the world humbly turned their attention skyward in order to watch the flashing light. It repeated the cycle for nearly an hour. A true spectacle for their fragile minds…

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